Company Registrations

When starting a business in Kenya, one of the key legal obligations is to have the business registered with company registrar. This process commences with owner(s) determining what kind of a business entity they would wish to adopt, a decision that would be influenced a number of factors such as nature of business, tax implications amongst others.

A business in Kenya may be carried under any of the below legally recognized forms;

  • Limited (by shares or guarantee)company (LLC);
  • Limited Liability partnership (LLP);
  • Branch;
  • Partnerships; and,
  • Sole Proprietorship.

Our offer to you

In matters company registration, we would offer services listed below at affordable and discounted rates;


  1. Choice of an entity


This would entail a detailed write up explaining each of the entities listed above, advantages and disadvantages, process of registering the same and time it would take to complete the registration process. Having acquired full information of the kind of business targeted from our client, we go ahead and advice on the best entity to adopt.


  1. Registration of entity


We take up the task and move around in a bid to ensure the entity chosen by our clients is registered with the required regulatory body (registrar of companies) including application of Personal Identification Number (PIN). Deliverables would be the Certificate of Incorporation, CR12 and PIN


  1. Filing company annual returns:


It is a requirement as stipulated in Companies Act that every company having a share capital shall at least once in every year file annual return (within 42 days after the annual general meeting). Failure to do so would expose company to penalties and risk of being struck of the register of companies. Also, unnoticeable risk is that the company risk being denied services especially as provided from company registrar’s office when urgently needed (i.e. tax compliance, CR12, Amendments etc.)


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