Tax Inquiry & Audit assistance

Recently, Revenue Authorities have heightened processes and are already able to review tax payer’s ledgers with ease. As a result, all anomalies are at the face where inquiries and assessments are dispatched to taxpayers by click of a button. It is a process taxpayers experience upon request for Tax Compliance Certificate.


Thus Effective management of tax queries and audits has become a matter of paramount importance. Tax audits can be time consuming and costly to taxpayers. We assist taxpayers in the said situations to understand, review position based on law and facts, reconciling, represent and respond to Revenue Authorities on their behalf. Thus effectively shouldering the burden, managing the processand reducing tax exposure if any.


An attempt to ignore such inquiries and audit assessments automatically leads to demand for taxes that are unnecessarily due.


As an award winning firm of chartered accountants our mission is to provide information, analysis and advice that enables business owners to build better businesses, make more money and achieve their goals.


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  • Reliability


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